About Open Humanity

A Place to Spread Hope, Kindness, and Love

Welcome to Open Humanity - a nonprofit crowdfunding platform designed for people to spread hope, kindness, and love through charitable giving.

At Open Humanity, we believe everyone can make a positive impact on the world. We also believe anyone should be able to ask for the help they need. So, we created a space where individuals, charities, and organizations can come together to give or receive donations of tangible goods that make a real difference.

We know that charities and organizations that aim to help those in need face countless challenges, and that individuals face even more. And while dropping change in a bucket still helps, Open Humanity has a more direct, transparent approach to charitable giving.

With Open Humanity, humanitarians and vendors can come together through a virtual, contactless marketplace to directly provide products and goods that empower charities, nonprofits, and individuals to thrive.

The Wishlist

Additionally, it’s a place for charities or individuals to ask for specific, impactful donations. Individual users create a Wishlist of 3 goods or products they truly need, while charities and nonprofits can ask for as many goods they need to help them fulfill their missions.

Humanitarians can then purchase these products through Open Humanity and vendors will deliver them directly to the charities or individuals. Simply put, it’s a chain of people helping people. And anyone can be a part of it.

Anyone can ask. Everyone can give.

Open Humanity is a place to connect those in need with people who want to help. If you are a charity or individual in need, a vendor interested in teaming up, or a humanitarian looking to contribute, join us in spreading hope, kindness, and love around the world.

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